Rules & Regulations

The school will not be held responsible for any injury suffered by a student, for his/ her loss of life during activities such as games, sport, gymnastics, boxing, swimming, sailing / boat pulling, mountaineering expedition and camping. Consent for any surgery, if necessary will to be performed on a student and a declaration that the school authorities will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences thereof are statutory demands, expected of the parents. However in case of any emergency, on the advise of the medical authorities, the school will be given permission to carry our emergency surgery. This will be resorted to when time is at a premium and it is difficult to contact the parent and obtain their permission for the operation.


The complete medical records of the child / ward must be furnished for perusal at the time of admission. The medical report that is submitted must invariably contain all the relevant medical information relating to child since birth.


The school has two Resident Medical Officers and experienced and trained Staff nurses and two hospitals (One each in Senior School and the Primary School campus)

The hospitals are well equipped with 40 beds each for boys and girls, an isolation ward and IC Unit.

Children are examined in the beginning of each term by the School Doctor and the School Dentist. Reports of the examination are sent to the parents of children, who require treatment. The school has tied up with all Specialists in Ooty and the students are taken to them on a required basis. All medicines brought by the students from home are to be kept in the hospital and will be taken by the students under supervision of the staff Nurses.

The school authorities reserve the right to refer a student to any specialist for treatment or operation when need arises and when time is at a premium. In all normal cases, the parents will be consulted before such action is taken.


The Final external examination certificates of a student should be collected from the school personally by the parents and not by any other person.


The school reserves the right to strike the name of a student off the Roll or stop him/her from appearing for any examination including external examinations for non-payment of fees and other dues before the commencement of such examinations.


The School will not undertake to make the travel arrangements of the student if the requisition for the same is made after the date stipulated in the school circulars/ calendar /diary and for non payment of airfare and dues to the Travel agency.


Parents / Guardians can visit their ward/s during the mid term break only. In exceptional cases and in emergencies they may visit their wards after obtaining written permission from the Principal / the Vice Principal. Only parents are allowed to take the children out from the school. The identity card entitles a person to visit a student only and not to take the student out.


There will be no local guardian nominated for any student. A guardian has to be a blood relation and should be authorized by the parent, only for those living abroad, to interact with the school and the student. The school reserves its right to reject a guardian.



Parents must come in person to collect their ward/s for mid term break and vacations.


Tucks, eatables, chewing gums, perfumes, gel, Electronic items and costly items are banned in the school. Such things will be confiscated from the student and in addition they will be suitably punished. The items confiscated will not be returned to the parents or the students. Although there is no provision for Tuck shop, the school arranges to provide children with all their requirements.


Smoking is strictly banned within the school premises for the students, parents, guardians and visitors. The school reserves the right to expel a student at any time for indulging in misconduct or any discipline case. Such students, depending on the severity of the offence, may be escorted home and handed over to the parents at their expense and the TC will be issued immediately with the remarks “expelled for misconduct”.


In NBPS, a fully residential school, only the Indian Independence Day and Republic Day are observed as holidays, and all other days including Sundays during the term are treated as working days for all practical purposes.


All students must wear school uniform during journeys while traveling from and to the school.


Students traveling to international destinations will not be permitted to meet their relatives in transit points and to collect articles to be sent with them.


A student will be detained only once in a particular class. If the student concerned does not make substantial improvement to be promoted to the next class in the next promotion examination, he/she will have to be withdrawn from the school.


Colour dress is permitted to be worn by the entire school only for the Diwali day. On all other festival days children will be in the normal school uniform. Children could also bring colour dress for their birthdays.


Children are not permitted to go out with parents and guardians on weekends. On their birthday they could go out with their parents for one night only and not with guardians.


For any case of gross indiscipline, a student may be expelled from the school and it is mandatory for the parents to come and collect such children from the school failing which they will be escorted under school arrangement and handed over to the parents and such expenses will be debited in the student’s account.


Student are not permitted to make calls to parents / guardians. Frequent telephone calls from parents are discouraged since it interferes with the academic performance of the student. Parents may call up their wards maximum twice a week.


Parcel of any kind are not accepted in the school. Parents may send medicines and textbooks only to the students and such parcels must be addressed to the Section Coordinators concerned. Birthday dresses etc. should be sent along with the children when they return from vacation.


Students who arrive later either at the time of re opening or after mid term break are liable for penalty at the rate of Rs.10,000/- per day. Normal medical certificates in support of late arrivals will not be acceptable. The onus to prove the reasons for late arrival rest with the parents.
All the belongings of the children who are withdrawn and for whom Transfer Certificates are issued, will have to be collected from the School by the concerned parents / Guardians personally within 30 days of the issue of the Transfer Certificate. The school will not make any arrangement to send these belongings to the home address by any mode of transport. If these are not collected from the school as mentioned above the school will have the option to donate/gift all these items to suitable institutions or organization.

The School reserves the right to add / to delete / to amend the regulations.